EURO 2012 - OR connecting sciences


The subject of the conference is - OR connecting sciences. OR is in its own right a multi-disciplinary field. It provides strategies and decisions for individuals as well as institutions, taking into account complex interaction between people and world. By connecting to a larger set of existing and new sciences, it is our hope that OR can become an instrument for providing adequate solutions to new challenges in business, technology and society as whole. The Conference will focus on the most relevant topics and issues of European and global science in the field of OR theory and advanced applications.

Vilnius, the historical capital of Lithuania, dating back to the 14th century, has the most beautiful and the largest old town, awarded with the status of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, with Vilnius University being the oldest one in Eastern Europe. It is rapidly expanding as a modern European capital, so you can experience the harmony of the old and the new Vilnius. For the participants of the conference this will provide beautiful atmosphere and the mood for work and friendship.

Please visit the EURO 2012 website for more information.

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